Stainless steel V-shaped mixer capacity 500 liters NEW


This type of mixer is driven by a motor-reducer that acts directly on the axis of rotation, rolling at the necessary revolutions to obtain a perfect mixing. The "V" mixer develops a mixing process with smoothness and fluidity of solid / solid in any percentage and solid / liquid in the form of powder or granulate and with different specific weights. Due to its shape, it creates axial currents in its interior that separate and unite the material to be mixed and which, together with the radial action of the mixture, result in a fast and homogeneous mixture without using deflatory blades or other mechanical devices. Capacity: 500 liters. Gearmotor power: 4 hp Applications: for the FOOD, PHARMACY, COSMETICS, COLORING, FEEDING, ABRASIVE, FERTILIZER, DETERGENT, PLASTICS, INSULATION, PULVIMETALLURGY and CHEMICAL INDUSTRY industries


  • Model: MV-500
  • Year: NUEVA
  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Width: 750 mm
  • Height: 2200 mm
  • Large: 3600 mm

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