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SURDRY rotary autoclave in stainless steel with 4 baskets


Rotary autoclaves are used to flip cans or other similar type of container during sterilization and cooling. The purpose is to move the food content to accelerate the transfer of heat inside the container to improve the quality and avoid any possible negative effect associated with the heating in static process (conductive heating). The SURDRY rotary autoclaves stand out for their robust design modeled by Finite Element Analysis. The baskets or stacks of trays are individually held to ensure that the load is properly supported without causing damage to the containers, baskets or trays. The clamping mechanisms by means of soft pressing, as well as the other moving parts such as the drive shaft of the rotor or the support wheels, are designed for a long duration in hard working conditions. This affirmation is based on many years of experience. Rigid containers such as cans, bottles or bottles are loaded in baskets with separators between the layers of containers. The separators are perforated sheets made of plastic or other materials. Flexible containers made of plastic or aluminum film, such as pouches, trays and thermoformed bowls, do not resist the weight of the upper packaging layers so they can only be layered in individual trays.


  • Model: AR-174
  • Year: 1998
  • Width: 2500 mm
  • Height: 2200 mm
  • Large: 6200 mm

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