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Static steam autoclaves SURDRY in stainless steel with 4 baskets


Our autoclave includes all the attributes and features as well as multiple options to adapt the autoclaves for maximum efficiency in the specific application and maximum economy of energy. Includes manual operated door and internal chain conveyor to facilitate the loading and unloading of baskets and trays. In addition to the ferrule or cylinder of the autoclave, both the doors and the bottoms are completely heat-insulated and covered with stainless steel sheet. The manually operated door is covered with a second bottom made of thicker stainless steel sheet to provide it with robustness to avoid damage during its manual operation and at the same time to provide the equipment with an incomparable and lasting aesthetic.


  • Model: A-144
  • Width: 1800 mm
  • Height: 2300 mm
  • Large: 5500 mm

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