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Rice pancake line


Line of rice cakes made up of: RP series Cookie Press: it is capable of transforming cereals, micro-pellets and a mixture of both into soft and tasty cookies or crispy and healthy non-fried snacks. Characteristics: The RP series Cookie Press is equipped with a hydraulic unit for the movement of the mold by generating the pressure required for the expansion of the products. The raw material loading plate and the central die of the mold are pneumatically operated. Both hydraulic and pneumatic components mounted on the machine are of the highest quality (Bosch-Rexroth, SMC, Vesta). The biscuit shaping mold is constructed of hardened steel and coated with titanium nitride to provide long life and prevent product from sticking to it. The mold, as well as all the parts in contact with the product, are built with suitable materials for the transformation of food products that have been certified according to Reg. CE 1935/2004. The heating of the molds (upper and lower) is carried out with the high density cartridge resistance and the temperature of the same is controlled separately with 2 OMRON temperature controllers. The management of the machine is carried out by a SIEMENS PLC interfaced with a SIEMENS touch screen control panel. Each machine is equipped with its own PLC panel and control panel. From the latter you can establish all production stages, save recipes and monitor events through effective diagnostics. The RP Series Cookie Press has 9 different molds on hand to give unique shapes and features to your cookies or snacks. The horizontal mixer of the MO 300 liter series is used in the product preparation phase that precedes the cereal cakes production process. Characteristics: The machine is used to mix cereals with water to increase its relative humidity. The horizontal mixer of the MO series guarantees a precise and fast mixing of the products thanks to its highly efficient stirrer reel. The machine is built entirely in Aisi 304 stainless steel that can be customized according to the customer's needs and is equipped with control and protection systems according to CE regulations. In cereal cake production plants, it is possible to connect the mixer to a mechanical disc conveying system to automate the loading of the press feed hoppers. Flow pack AGILITY-S. It offers performance in line with the most demanding production requirements even in multiple work shifts with precise, fast and constant processing over time. It is designed for the packaging of a wide range of products from the food and industrial sector. FINISH: Structure in powder-coated steel, finished in RAL 7021 textured blackish gray paint. CHARACTERISTICS: Single-dose product container / tray. Automatic / manual loading. Variable speed up to 18 m / min. Temperature control of the roller and the clamp configurable from the operator panel. PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Product length: max. 600 mm. Product width: max. 250 mm. Product height: max. 100 mm. CONTROL PANEL: Ergonomically positioned LCD color liquid crystal operator panel with touch screen for setting 99 recipes and adjusting machine parameters. Emergency button. Stop button. Reset button. ENGINE GROUP: Servo-assisted operation with N. 2 brushless motors that control the movement of the longitudinal welding group (sealing rollers) and the transversal sealing group (jaws). N. 1 Three-phase asynchronous bench motor controlled by a power inverter 0.37 Kw. JAWS: Maximum jaw width: 300 mm. GROUP: SPOOL HOLDER: Maximum spool holder width: 520mm with pneumatic expansion. Reel seat with mechanical brake. Maximum reel diameter: 350mm. The speed can be set from the operator panel. ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS: 380V / 50Hz three-phase power supply



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