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Lleal MC 2 colloid mill


The Lleal vertical colloidal mill has been designed for the grinding of solid products (dispersed in a liquid medium) and for the preparation of stable suspensions. It is an efficient and easy-to-clean system. Wet grinding is the best method for preparing solid suspensions in a liquid medium as it achieves perfect homogenization, regularity in particle size and an excellent percentage distribution in the liquid medium. Due to its low energy consumption and the absence of environmental dust, it avoids the installation of filters, extractors or complex dust collection facilities. All these processes can be carried out in a closed circuit, without environmental contamination and with a low acoustic level, which contrasts with the working conditions of dry mills. Length until product outlet: 750 mm Motor power: 3 CV / 2.2 Kw


  • Width: 320 mm Tolva/ 500 mm pie
  • Height: 1400 mm

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