IVECO 8061 fire pressure equipment


Automatic pumping equipment are sets designed to offer the best solution for the supply of pressurized water, in a fire protection installation, so they are especially suitable for many different installations such as: public and private buildings, large areas commercial, warehouses, warehouses, etc ... Iveco 8061 six-cylinder diesel injection engine. A fire pump is a machinery that supported by a set of devices, allows the contribution of flow and pressure to a fire system. This machinery is usually accompanied by a Pressurization Pump (Jockey Pump). A Jockey Pump is the device that allows the system to be pressurized, preventing the main pump from constantly starting. Motor power 110 kW and 2980 rpm.


  • Model: 8061 SI 1305
  • Width: 1200 mm
  • Height: 1800 mm
  • Large: 5200 mm

Machine images