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Telescopic filler MECOM


Built in AISI 304 stainless steel and in accordance with EEC standards, the machine is ideal for filling a wide range of solid products, also particularly difficult, whole, in small or medium-sized pieces in cans, jars, plastic containers. ... The filling process is carried out with the most advanced technologies that ensure the precision of the dosage, guaranteeing automatic operation and high speed without any damage to the product. All the operations of change of format and washing of the machine are carried out quickly and functionally. At the customer's request it is possible to make the tangential exit of the containers. RODUCT Tomato (whole, chopped) - Olives (whole, sliced) - Legumes - Vegetables (whole, sliced) - Carrots (sliced, sliced) - Artichokes (artichoke hearts) - Onions - Mushrooms - Vegetable Macedonia - Cockles - Seafood - Fruit (whole, sliced, diced) - Pet food - Hazelnuts - Walnuts - Peanut ..... CONTAINERS It is possible to fill containers of various sizes up to 5 Kg VELOCITY Based on the product and the size of the container, the machine can reach a speed of 40 to 1200 CPM TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS AISI 304 stainless steel base Adjustable sliding guides for containers in anti-noise material Container inlet and outlet conveyor Star entry and exit containers Synchronization auger in food grade polyethylene Adjustment of the product volume by means of a handwheel external to the machine Quick-release stainless steel telescopes Lower closing disc for telescopes in food-grade polyethylene Parts in contact with the product in sanitary materials Centralized lubrication Saber for pushing the product to the deflectors in stainless steel Series of deflectors for the automatic convoy of the product to the telescopes Motorized rotary brush to level the product to the telescopes Tamponador, to facilitate the fall of the product in the telescopes Hydraulic ejector for cleaning telescopes Distribution panel Safety devices for emergency stop Independent or medium motorization and power take-off ACCESSORIES Cabin Panels Dispenser Product distribution agitator Automatic telescopes adjustment Product feed hopper Pneumatic vibrator Cover for dosing plate Automatic washing (CIP) Centralized lubrication


  • Model: RTA-42
  • Year: 1998
  • Width: 2250mm
  • Height: 1900mm
  • Large: 2520mm

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