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Strip cutting machine FAM


The machine is designed for companies looking for a perfect and constant cutting quality, a long expiration time and flexibility at high capacity. Cutting head technology ensures accurate strip and slice thickness throughout the cutting process. The unique cutter head design makes it easy to change blades, handle and clean. It is available as a stand-alone machine and can be integrated into a production line. The product is fed through the feed hopper and enters the compartments of the rotating paddle wheel. There, the product is held against the inner surface of the cutting head by centrifugal force. The slices or strips are generated when the product passes through each blade in a continuous and smooth way. The length is controlled by the size of the product entered. The cut product is collected through the central discharge hopper. Interchangeable cutting heads offer flexibility in cuts and shapes such as smooth, wavy and V for slices and julienne, V, oval and tape for strips - all for a wide variety of products . Cutting shapes: Smooth cut, wavy cut and V-slices, V-strips, julienne, and oval.



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