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Dynamic weight controller for cases with rejection NEW


DYNAMIC WEIGHT CONTROL LINE FOR CASES UP TO 1 KG. Composed of: • A weight controller built entirely in stainless steel, with tapestry bands • It will consist of an electronic device with a color touch screen for the indication of the different parameters (average weight, total weight, number of rejected containers, etc. .). • Internal card with 6 inputs 12 configurable outputs • USB port to store data on pen Drive. • Motorized input sequencer belt 400mm long x 300mm wide with guides. Motors with Driver to vary the speed. • Motorized belt with 50kg HBM load cell, 500mm long x 300mm wide. Motors with Driver to vary the speed. • Line stop and alarm system with light acoustic beacon for alarm signal. • Weighing functions: - Static and dynamic weighing, with management of a photocell for the detection of. case. - Dynamic weighing with two photocells, of the START / STOP type. - Static and dynamic weighing without photocell. • Tolerance verification: .- By means of archiving articles, with programming of 3 tolerance thresholds, .- Programmable weight thresholds (minimum / maximum) with archiving articles. .- Weight thresholds (minimum / maximum), to quick introduction. .- Calculation and printing of statistics and the standard deviation of the executed heavy. .- Functions of static or dynamic auto-zero of the tape. • Description load cell: SP4MC6MR / 7Kg .- Single-cell load cell.-Nominal capacity: 7 kg. - Minimum division value: 1 g. - Accuracy class according to OIML R60: C6MR. - Maximum platform size: .- 450 x 450 mm according to OIML R76.-Material: aluminum.-Protection class according to IEC 529: IP67.-Cable type:.-Shielded round cable, 6 wires,.-PVC sheathing.-Cable length: 3 m .-Connector: CE 100F26-6


  • Model: CPD-250
  • Year: NUEVA
  • Width: 950 mm (a medida)
  • Height: 1600 mm (a medida)
  • Large: 850 mm (a medida)

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