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Stainless steel flowpack completely from TALLERES MAYMA


Flow pack machines owe their name to how the product packaging process is developed: the machine creates a plastic tube from a flexible sheet and the product passes through it until it reaches a jaw that delimits the beginning and the end of the package. The operation concept of the flow pack machine is quite simple.1. Stainless version. 2. Vertical plate construction for maximum hygiene and machine cleaning. 3. Accessibility to mechanisms from the rear. 4. Sense of work from right to left. 5. Rotary welding jaws. 6. Three pairs of longitudinal drag rollers, welding and folding the film with height adjustment system. 7. Self-centering bobbin holder with brake. 8. Power car of 2.3 m length. 9. Universal forming tunnel. 10. Parameter setting (format length, speed ...). 12. Photoelectric cell for printing centering. 13. Centralized lubrication.


  • Model: Cibeles
  • Width: 700 mm
  • Height: 1600 mm
  • Large: 4000 mm

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