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Fusora cooks creams with cowler agitator, isothermal lining and electrical resistances with a capacity of 150 liters


Electric cooking kettle, suitable for making any type of dough or sauce that in turn requires a quick and uniform cooking, however, can work at room temperature. This bake creams is useful for any type of quick cooking. It has electrical resistors, temperature probe, cowler agitator, three support legs, isothermal lining, double body for thermal oil, a flip top, exit at the bottom of the total empty tank, bottom with inclination and entry of superior product. Among the great variety of possible elaborations of the hot kettle stand out: bechamel for croquettes, sauces, fillings, creams, crumbs, ratatouille, chocolates, syrups, sweets, pralines, pastry creams, almonds, cosmetic products, chemicals and nuts. .. Engine power 2'2 kw and 1430 rpm.


  • Model: FC 150
  • Year: 2008
  • Width: 900 mm
  • Height: 2100 mm

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