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Self-adhesive rotary labeling machine PE LABELLERS


Rotary roller feed labeling machine suitable for the application of wrapping labels from the reel. SHEET - Type: rotary labeling machine. - Application: label fed by plastic roll with hot melt glue. - Possible hot-melt combination + cold glue and / or self-adhesive on the same labeller. - Suitable for handling cylindrical and shaped containers (rectangular, square, oval, etc.), even empty. - Production 8,500 bottles / hour. Labeling Measures Width 3400 mm Height 2300 mm Length 3000 mm Measures Heat tunnel Width 1300 mm Height 2300 mm Length 5000 mm


  • Model: ROLLMATIC
  • Year: 2005
  • Width: 3400 mm
  • Height: 3400 mm
  • Large: 3000 mm

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