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Glass jars closing machine BEMASA


Bemasa glass jars closing machine, built entirely in stainless steel. It has elevator with ramp of alimntacion for tapas, system of preheating, preposicionameinto system of tapas (hereinafter caset) Machine with a maximum production of 150 jars min. Minimum caps diameter 30 - maximum 110 Diameter of jars minimum 40 - maximum 168 Height of jars minimum 37 - maximum 266 Steam consumption 50 kg / h at 0.8 atm Hopper capacity 2500 units approx


  • Model: B-100
  • Year: 2005
  • Weight: 750 Kg
  • Width: 90 CM
  • Height: 2´10 M
  • Large: 3 M

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