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Alpine micronizer mill


The mill is composed of: hopper, classifier (sorting chamber, drive and material entry), nozzle, level indicator and switch. The housing of the sorting chamber can be opened with hinges, so that the inside of the grinding container and, therefore, the sorting wheel can be accessed. The grinding tank is equipped with connections in which the nozzles are inserted and screwed. The discharge of the product, equipped with a connection flange for the air and product discharge lines, is located in the housing of the sorting chamber. The sorting wheel is driven by a V belt drive with fixed transmission; The speed of the classifier and, therefore, the fineness of the desired final product is adjusted by means of a frequency converter. The grinding air is transported to the individual interchangeable nozzles through the air line and the connecting pieces. By selecting the size of the nozzle, the volume of air can be preset, therefore, with a certain operating pressure, it can influence the grinding capacity and the fineness of the final product. The sockets for feeding the product are located on the upper part of the casing of the sorting chamber. The product is fed through an airtight intake device. The level of filling in the grinding tank is controlled by a tank level regulator, which works with a sensor in combination with a contact ammeter (sorting unit).



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