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Stainless steel emulsifying pump KS


The development of the KS emulsifier is based on an improved technique. Its solid construction combines high constant service, long service life and simple operation. In this way, it meets all the conditions for an application oriented towards quality in production. The KS cutting system, which rotates through the motor shaft, consists of cutter heads with interchangeable knife blades and interchangeable perforated discs, which are fixed on the cutting frame. By means of the option of axial adjustment of the distance between the knife blades and the perforated disk, the amount to be passed, the temperature and the degree of fineness of the product to be emulsified can be determined. The KS cutting system can be adjusted at any time easily and the adjustment is reproducible. The adjustment can be made, also, during the emulsification process, thus, a constant quality level of the final product is achieved. Scope: Crushed meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits, sweets, etc. to products of the chemical industry. Motor power: 37 kw and 2970 rpm. Production: 3500 kg / h.


  • Model: FD 112 D
  • Weight: 800-1000 kg
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 900 mm
  • Large: 1600 mm

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