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Stainless steel column stirring equipment


The agitation equipment with column is composed of a stirrer together with its support arm and a column where the lifting system is located by motor-reducer. The team has a support base. The lifting column is designed to incorporate an agitator. This equipment allows the agitator to be exchanged depending on the mix to be made and avoids having an agitator per tank, thus optimizing manufacturing costs. The agitators can be of the Cowles type, mixer, anchor, propeller, blades, etc. Operation: the tank is transported to the agitation equipment to carry out the mixing or vice versa, the equipment is transported to the tank. The lifting system is activated so that the agitator goes up, allowing to locate and center the tank. To avoid that during the mixing, the equipment or the tank move, they are fixed by means of a manual fastening system. The agitator descends entering the tank. The agitator is started using the control panel. Once the mixture has been completed, the agitator is removed from the tank and released from the clamping system. The equipment can be manufactured mobile with wheels or fixed, of greater or lesser power depending on the product to be mixed and with various types of agitator. Motor power: 2'2 kw and 1890 rpm. Diameter axis: 60 mm. Length axis: 1500 mm. Diameter agitadlo cowles or other: 350 mm.


  • Model: AGC-3000
  • Year: NUEVA
  • Weight: 300 kg
  • Width: 650 mm
  • Height: 3000 mm
  • Large: 3000 mm

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