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Reactors in stainless steel with agitation and emulsion system NEW


The emulsifier reactor is an ideal equipment for the mixture and emulsion in a single process of low or medium hardness products. It is designed thinking for a fine emulsion and mixing simultaneously, obtaining a fine and homogeneous paste, without fat shedding or overheating of the product. It allows a wide range of operations such as homogenizations and emulsions, vacuum, washing and sterilization that represent a technological advance in the manufacture of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, but also for food and fine chemical processes. They consist of three support legs, agitation and emulsion system, product inlets on the top, CIP ball, wall scrapers, mirror finished polished steel and total product output on the bottom. Reactors capacity: 300, 500 and 1000. Available with electric, steam or water resistors.


  • Model: MMG-RE
  • Year: NUEVA
  • Weight: En fonction de la capacité
  • Width: En fonction de la capacité
  • Height: En fonction de la capacité
  • Large: En fonction de la capacité

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