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Stainless steel cutter TALLERES CATO 80 liters


It is a cutter mixer meat cutter, oriented to medium-sized meat industries that seek an efficient process of cutting and emulsification, ensuring maximum performance of the raw material used. Characteristics: For fresh or frozen meats, previously chopped or guillotined, for vegetables or fruits etc ... It guarantees the obtaining of homogeneous products, by means of a stable emulsion, uniform and of fine texture. Minimum temperature increase in the final mass. Equipped with two independent motors for greater versatility when mixing, cutting or emulsifying. Special stainless steel knife holder with capacity for 6 blades. Completely constructed in stainless steel. Very solid, robust, reliable machines that are easy to clean and maintain. Capacity ......... 80 liters.


  • Width: 1700 mm
  • Height: 1500 mm
  • Large: 1300 mm

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