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Line sqeezed juices and concentrate Fratelli Indelicato


With a production of 240 tons per day, it consists of: Reception hopper and washing citrus, planer roller gauge oscillating rollers, citrus juicer, scraping skins, finiser presses extraction of essential oil, centrifugal separator essential oil, juice extractor press, centrifugal separator, juice concentrator. Polycitrus juice extractor can be processed citrus (oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, grapefruits, kinnows) with a diameter of 25mm to 140mm, and oiled by Polycitrus fur rasp. The working capacity can match the capacity of the oil extractor; for example, in the case of oranges can reach 10t / h citrus juice produced by the juice extractor POLYCITRUS has a high level of performance and quality. It has no waste of essential oil and bitter taste because: • The essential oil is extracted completely during the previous stage of oil extraction by Polycitrus rasp fruit skins • pass through brushing machine before being squeezed. Brushing action ensure the complete removal of residues essential oils, plus some water jets play an important anti-bacterial action; • compression pressure can be easily adjusted according to their variety, maturity and thickness of the shell. At this stage, the size of the fruit is fully uninfluent. POLYCITRUS juice extractor is very reliable because of its design and construction and needs low maintenance charges which guarantee a long life. The yield of essential oil is greater than any other extractor available on the market, due to the possibility of adjusting the speed of the rotating cylinder and the residence time of the fruit according to its variety, maturity and thickness, to extract oil essential completely: this way, any oil contamination is prevented in the next step juice extraction. The essential oil leaving the skin of the fruit due to rough action of the rotating cylinders is performed by the water spray, emulsion (mixture of water and essential oil) flows into the two finisher stages FV2 to remove debris solid. Then, the emulsion is pumped to a surge tank and later two centrifugal separators, the first removes residual debris, the second water separates pure essential oil. The water from the first centrifugal separator is pumped into a settling tank, then through a centrifugal pump enters a double filter and finally back to the oil extractor to start the cycle again.



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