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Automatic cutter for meat and fish


AEW Delford revolutionary APC Slicer slicers are capable of cutting products, bone-in or boneless, either meat or seafood portions, constant weight at high speeds in uniform cut. This cutting machine high production incorporates APC technology, producing up to 180 portions per minute, enabling a single operator, can produce up to 680kgs (1500lbs) of weight controlled portions in one hour. Controlled by automatic weight portioning and excellent cutting Slicer APC provides maximum performance of your slicer blade designed with a purpose, keeping the impressive precision portion standard deviation 2 to 3% in the product without bone. Users can also pre-program the machine to cut a combination of up to 4 different weights or thicknesses of the portions of the individual loins.


  • Model: APC SLICER
  • Width: 2'10 m
  • Height: 2'05 m
  • Large: 1'30 m

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